Exercise your body, stimulate your mind, and make new friends, all while forgetting your troubles and remembering how much fun dancing can be!

Consider dancing for your next event. Whether you prefer the intamacy of couples dancing, the patterns of line dancing, the structure and teamwork of square dancing, or a mix of any or all, dancing is a great addition to your special event.

  • Two-step and waltz: These two classic couples dances are easy to learn and great fun.
  • Line dancing: From Cotton-Eyed-Joe to Amos Moses and Electric Slide, line dancing has been extreemely popular across the country.
  • Modern square dancing: This is a great team-building activity, fast-paced, done to the sounds of modern music.
  • Hoedown: A traditional country-western dance done in squares, circles, reels, and lines, typically danced to bluegrass and Grand Ole Opry style country music.

For Your Workplace!

Square dancing can be used to build team camaraderie in the workplace. Without ever talking about teamwork or integration, an evening of square dancing will be the water cooler discussion for a week.

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"Maine's Premier Square Dance Caller, Al Hipkins."
(blog post, Camp Laurel, Maine, June 21, 2011)