Why Square Dance?

Dancing Keeps You Young!

Dancing Keeps You Young. Told through the friendship of two couples, this entertaining feature explores the fun and ease of learning to be discovered in modern square dancing. It reveals the many benefits of participating in the recreation, including time together with him or her (or family if you so desire), the value of socializing, physical fitness and mental health components.

Ten ways that dancing keeps you young:

  1. It strengthens your bones.
  2. Improves your posture and therefore your figure.
  3. Raises fitness and muscle tone.
  4. Makes extra demands on your brain.
  5. Improves your spatial sense and physical memory.
  6. Charges you with adrenalin at performance time.
  7. Raises expectations: the team depends on you.
  8. Gives structure to your week, if you work and live alone.
  9. Makes you wear outrageous costumes at least three times a year.
  10. Provides a warm, supportive, fun social group.

Use It or Lose It: Dancing Makes You Smarter -- For centuries, dance manuals and other writings have lauded the health benefits of dancing, usually as physical exercise. More recently we've seen research on further health benefits of dancing, such as stress reduction and increased serotonin level, with its sense of well-being.

You 2 Can Dance! Exercise the body, stimulate the mind, and make new friends, all while forgetting the day's troubles and remembering how much fun dancing can be.

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