Nothing puts a smile on your face faster than a great dance

Exercise your body, stimulate your mind, and make new friends, all while forgetting your troubles and remembering how much fun dancing can be!

Consider dancing for your next event. Whether you prefer the intimacy of couples dancing, the patterns of line dancing, the structure and teamwork of square dancing, or a mix of any or all, dancing is a great addition to your special event.

It’s time to erase the old image of square and line dancing from school days and television. Today’s dancing is done to great music from the best of Country, Rock, Disco, Gospel, Hip-Hop, and Bluegrass! Best of all, there are new people to meet, friends to make, events to attend. 

For Your Workplace!   Square dancing can be used to build team camaraderie in the workplace. Your dance event will be the water cooler talk for weeks!

Square and Round Dance Clubs:  I call SSD, Mainstream and Plus squares and cue through Phase 5 rounds (requests accepted).  I am willing to travel.  

New website!

I’m excited to have this new look to my website.  Thanks to my webmaster (I recommend him – see link below) I should now be cutting my spam by 90% and old code crashes by 100%.  Please be sure to check this News link for updates and check the Twin City Spinners page (and news)

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Sea Dogs Baseball Theme Night!

The international square dance extravaganza demonstration event!     Sea Dogs staff videographer captured a few minutes of the patter. It was a great evening for baseball and square dancing. 10 full squares of dancers participated in this excellent demonstration at Hadlock Field in Portland, Maine. The patter music was a medley of Cha, Country,

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